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We push and pull like a magnet do
                  - Shape of you, Ed Sheeran

Magnetic Affair is a short sliding puzzle game with narrative. The idea of this game is based on love triangle and magnetism push - pull interactions.

Stage Goal:

Get at least one of the characters to the maze entrance


  • Player uses Arrow keys to move all characters in desired direction
  • Player cannot interact/control the characters until all of them are stopped
  • Without any other interaction, the characters will not stop unless they hit an obstacle

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Arrow Keys: Movement
  • Enter or Spacebar: Retry current stage
  • Left / Right Arrow Keys: Go to Previous / Next stage (Use on Finish screen)
  • Esc: Back to Home screen



  • Programming
  • Graphic assets
  • SFX


  • Idea development
  • Narrative writing
  • Level design
  • And also check out his 3d version with Unreal engine here


  • Level design
  • Level testing

Thanks Abstraction (http://www.abstractionmusic.com/) for awesome free music!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Godot, Narrative, Pixel Art, story-based


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Hey, I think I fell on a bug...

I am at the "Not meant to be" puzzle after having chosen to let them be instead of messing with their relationship.

So I am now trying to continue to the next puzzle.

However, when I reach the exit, for some reasons, I come out of the yellow portal as if the game thinks that the exit is the blue portal...

So I am currently stuck in this puzzle and cannot continue the game.

Oh well, since I am at it, there is something else that I meant to say.

It is about the choice that I mentioned.

You present the choice as this:

"Fight for her = Hard or Let her go = Easy".

The way you present it, I feel as if the choice is basically between choosing to endure hardships for what I want or choosing to give up for making my life easier.

So let me tell you how I think:

2 boys love the same girl.

It is up to the girl to choose who she wants, not to the boys to compete for her as if she was a trophy.

I mean the girl has her own will, she is not a passive object.

So it is up to her to choose who she wants, it is not to the boys to settle the question.

If she loves me, then she will want to be with me no matter what the other boy wants.

If she stays with the other boy and doesn't care for me, then that means that she is fine with him and doesn't want me so it would just be selfish to mess with their relationship.

If you look at this choice from my point of view, the choice is not:

"Be brave and choose the hard path for love or be a pussy and choose the easy give up path."

as I feel it is presented.

It is:

"Be selfish and mess with their relationship or be altruistic and let them be."

Which is why I eventually chose to let them be.

And now I find myself stuck because of a bug!

Or is it meant to discourage to make the altruistic choice and encourage to choose the selfish path for going farther, like "Being altruistic doesn't lead anywhere, you have to be selfish if you want to go farther."?

What? I am thinking too far, it is just a bug, you gonna fix it?

Alright then. ;-3

Hello, I saw that your game is made with godot, I also use godot but I have a problem
in the icon when I export to windows I get the godot icon, and your
game has the custom icoco. How did you do it to have the icon? or what version of godot do you use? Thank you.

I use godot 2 and this is a problem with godot itself. The only way to change icon is to export the game first, then use Resources hacker to open it and replace default icons with yours. Hope this helps!

I will try, by the way very good your game is simple and fun. Thanks for answering.


I really enjoyed this game! I'll admit I did get stuck a couple times but as I began to figure out the logic of the game, the more I understood! I thought it was a very interesting concept I just wish I could have found the secret ending! I did create a small gameplay video for it and if you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreciate it! In the meantime, I had a lot of fun with this super unique and well written puzzle game! Thank you so much for creating it! 


Wow, I really appreciate you taking the time to play and make that nice video :D Tbh, this game is still flawed and somewhat confusing due to the lack of tutorial for new players. Glad you enjoyed it, reviews like yours is the motivation for me to create more in the future :)


I like this kind of game, but don't really get the logic to solve a level


Me too :) 

Just kidding. I am the game designer of this game.

Basically the boys kick each other while the girl attracts them. The girl can attract only one boy at a time. However, a boy can kick the other out of this "relationship".

For most levels, you will be using one boy to kick the other to the gate, or to the position where that boy can go to the gate, or keeping the girl from attracting that boy :)

Have fun, thank you for playing our game :D

'we push and pull like a magnet do'  wouldn't be correct. It would be 'does'. Also I think, 'we push and pull like magnets do' would be better or 'we push and pull like a magnet' or 'we push and pull like a magnet does'.

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Note that it was a song quote, and as such grammatical correctness was likely less of a focus.